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Yoast vs Rank Math for SEO – 4 Reasons We Made the Switch

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Yoast has been the big name in SEO for a long time, and rightfully so. It is a great plug in and certainly helps you format your blog posts, articles, pages for SEO. But there is a new kid on the block and it is shaking up the world of SEO and that is Rank Math. So we are going to look at Yoast vs Rank Math and tell you why we made the switch.

Yoast vs Rank Math - Why We Switched - an image of a computer on a desk

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and basically it tells Google what your site is all about and the better you are at SEO, the higher you can rank in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Search engines use algorithms to locate and rank the most relevant websites by the search term and matches those with what a user is searching for. 

In order to rank at or near the top of the SERP, you need to ensure your page or post is optimized for SEO.

Plug ins such as Yoast and Rank Math can help you do that!

What they cannot do however is tell you the best keyword phrase! People tend to think if they get the little green lights in Yoast or the green check marks in Rank Math that it means their post is perfectly SEO’d. All it means is, based on the keywords you’ve chosen, you have optimized the post for those keywords. It will NOT tell you if your keyword choice is good. That comes with keyword research, which we will go over in more detail in another post.



For the purposes of this post, we will assume you’ve done your research and have chosen a good keyword phrase with good volume and low competition.

So let’s take a look at what these plugins can do for you and why we switched.

Yoast vs Rank Math – Cost

Both plugins are free, however Yoast has a premium version you can buy that will allow you to enter in additional keywords phrases. 

Rank Math however is completely free and allows you to enter in 5 keyword phrases! All you need to do is sign up for a free Rank Math account…super simple!

In addition to these 5 keyword phrases you get is this cool feature that you will NOT find on Yoast! If you have trouble coming up with keyword phrases, Rank Math will show suggested keywords, based on your initial keyword, from Google! So these are not Rank Math’s suggestions, these come from Google!

We are going to look at Yoast vs Rank Math and tell you why we made the switch. @rankmathseo #seo #christianblogger Click To Tweet

Now keep in mind, these are keyword suggestions and tell you nothing about the volume or competition for those words. You still need to take those suggestions and do your research.



Keyword Research Tools

We use Ahrefs and Keysearch to do our keyword research. They are fantastic tools, but they are costly.

You can go a less expensive route and use Keywords Everywhere, which is no longer free but you can purchase credits for searches for a low cost! Just be sure you turn it off when you are done doing your research or else you will get credits dinged when you do your own personal Google searches!

But a free tool similar to Keywords Everywhere is available and it is called Keyword Surfer. It functions like Keywords Everywhere but I think that it is actually even better. It is a Chrome extension and will pull up information about a keyword phrase you search in Google. So definitely check it out!

Then there is Ubersuggest, which is a great tool but I have noticed on occasion that the volume on some keywords was incorrect. It also asks you to log in with your Google account so some people may not feel comfortable with that. So it is always best to use more than one tool.

Another tool that is new is alsoasked.com and it helps you find the questions people are asking that will help you formulate your keywords for your page or post! It’s a free tool as well so definitely try it  out!

We will be doing more on Keyword Research Tools in a later post and in more detail in our Basic SEO course.

So when it comes to cost and features you get for the price, Rank Math wins hands down!



Yoast vs Rank Math – Installation

Both plugins are easy to install, however Rank Math activates an automatic set up wizard, which is nice because not everyone is tech savvy and may not even realize Yoast has one. Rank Math launches its wizard automatically, which is great for those who have trouble with techie speak and just want to set it to run for them. You don’t have to worry about missing something.

Rank Math also has some great features that make it easy to integrate Google Search Console. Yoast does not have this integration.

In addition, Rank Math has a simple import from Yoast in their wizard so you can easily make the switch without any headaches. Rank Math does all the heavy lifting for you!

Visit our post on Goal Setting Activities to learn more!

Yoast Vs Rank Math – SEO Scoring

One of the things I love about Rank Math is their scoring of your post for SEO. Again, keep in mind that neither of these plugins will tell you how good your keyword choices are. The scoring is simply how well your post is optimized for that chosen keyword.

Yoast gives you the infamous green light when you have satisfied a certain area for SEO. Rank Math gives you checkmarks but goes even further. It will give you a total score! So you can work to raise that score up to 100 (which I find is tough but over 82 is awesome). 

It also has advanced tabs that will allow you to redirect right in the post! 



And more importantly, it has gone with Google’s update where they are putting a focus on snippets. Rank Math has included Advanced Robots Meta right in the post. Yoast does not offer this as of yet.

So for scoring your post for SEO, Rank Math is far more helpful in our opinion.

Rank Math SEO Analysis

Rank Math also offers a great SEO analysis that you can run on your site, as well as being able to see how your keywords are doing right from the site without having to go into Google Search Console. 

This is an awesome feature that allows you to analyze how you’re doing without all the jumping around!

So you can truly optimize your post for SEO AND see how it is doing all from your dashboard.

It’s no wonder Rank Math is the plugin of choice for many webmasters! 

We have done our research and when we see SEOs (SEO experts) recommending Rank Math, we have to stand up and pay attention.

We have done our research and when we see SEOs (SEO experts) recommending Rank Math, we have to stand up and pay attention. @rankmathseo #seo #christianblogger Click To Tweet

Google is driving change in the way they rank sites and it is important to stay on top of those changes. The one downside to Yoast is that it has pretty much stayed the same for a long time. It is a great plugin but it needs to evolve a little to stay on top of the SEO trends.



Yoast vs Rank Math – Summary

So we made the switch to Rank Math for all our sites some time ago. We didn’t want to recommend it until we had a chance to use it to a great extent. But we have to tell you, we feel the switch to Rank Math has truly made a difference.

This is the difference Diane’s website Worth Beyond Rubies has experienced in organic traffic in just 28 days after installing Rank Math.

Yoast vs Rank Math

This is the difference in Organic Keywords in 28 days.

Yoast vs Rank Math - Organic keywords

So when looking at Yoast vs Rank Math, we have to say Rank Math wins. Sorry Yoast!

Have you made the switch to Rank Math? Are you planning to? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. As I am looking to upgrade my website from the free WP to a hosted .org one, information like this is invaluable. I know enough about keywords, SEO, etc. to be dangerous and any tips and tricks I can learn to improve I am so thankful for.

  2. Wow! I haven’t even heard of Rank Math, but it sounds great. I’m going to look into switching over to it! Thanks for sharing your experience with it.

  3. I’m definitely checking this out. Thanks for the great explanations- I’m not “techie” at all, but I’m confident I can make this work for me.

  4. I’ve heard of it recently and will now definitely check it out. I’m so glad that RM does the heavy lifting and will transfer over the Yoast ratings for me. And I love that RM has up to 5 keywords, that’s awesome! I better get switching over right away! Thanks so much for this informative post, Diane!

    1. It’s really a great plugin and they actually now have made it possible to use unlimited keywords with just a little coding! But I think 5 is more than sufficient!! Let me know how you like it or if you have any questions with regards to the settings! If I don’t know the answer I can ask them.

  5. thank you very much for this great tips, i am moving to rank-math today
    i didn’t believe it when my friend said rank math works well than Yoast. But with the point you listen am going for rank math

  6. I tested Both plugins and i can see Rank math is easy to setup, make things easy to newbie, by how quickly setup his own blog.

    In the other hand what i don’t like in Yoast every time i open my dashboard there is an update for it and even and there is no a complete documentation for it.

    If you want a good setting you need to buy their service. and even i think yoast developer’s they don’t understand how google work by using the old method by focus on meta (title + description and focus keyword). and keyword ratio.

    Now we need something follow google update and advice us how we can setting a good article or page structure and gain google trust.

    This is just my view about the both plugins



    1. Yes I agree! Rank Math is definitely up and coming for those reasons and for free! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us on it!

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