An image of a white desk with black accessories and a computer screen open to Pinterest and a text overlay that says "The Right (and Wrong) Way to Use Tailwind Tribes

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Use Tailwind Tribes as a Christian Blogger

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Traffic to our blogs. That’s what we want, right? It’s how we get subscribers and how we are able to qualify for the coveted ad networks! But how? How do you get traffic to your blog, especially if you are a new blogger? SEO is the long-term answer, but the short and mid-range answer is Pinterest, specifically Tailwind Tribes.

An image of a white desk with black accessories and a computer screen open to Pinterest and a text overlay that says "The Right (and Wrong) Way to Use Tailwind Tribes

Most new bloggers get a larger percentage of traffic to their blogs from Pinterest than anywhere else.

Pinterest group boards were the ticket for quite some time, but as their popularity wanes (for many reasons), your focus should be on participation in Tailwind Tribes.

You may be thinking “yeah, I know that but no one is sharing my pins in Tailwind Tribes.”.

And, THAT, my friend, is what we are going to talk about in this post.

How do you get traffic to your blog, especially if you are a new blogger? SEO is the long-term answer, but the short and mid-range answer is Pinterest, specifically Tailwind Tribes. #tailwindtribes #pinterest Click To Tweet

First Off, Why Tailwind Tribes?

Tribes are micro communities based around a topic or niche within Tailwind. The basic idea is that you add your pins to the tribe and others share it (Pin it). Then you, in turn, share other people’s pins.

The members of each Tailwind Tribe blog about similar topics as you and, therefore, the pins they create for those posts should be ideal to share with your own audience.



How Do You Find the Best Tailwind Tribes?

There are several ways to find the best Tailwind Tribes. First, if you are a member of any niche-specific Facebook blogging group, members often share their own Tribes there for people to join.

Second, other bloggers may invite you if they notice you participating in other like-minded tribes.

Third, search on Tailwind using appropriate keywords.

To do that, log into your Tailwind account and click on the Tribe icon from the menu on the left. It’s the one that looks like a group of people.

Tailwind tribe icon

Next, click on “Find a tribe”

Find a tribe on Tailwind tribes

In the search bar, enter keywords relevant to your niche. You may have to try a few different ones and use shorter keywords.

Tailwind tribe keyword search bar

In this example, I used the word “Christian”:

Christian keyword Tailwind tribes

As you can see, there are 173 results! So that is 173 potential tribes that I can join.  (Note: on the free plan, you are limited to five tribes)



As you look at each tribe to evaluate if it is a good fit for you, look for the following:

  • The activity bar: The more bars, the more active the group is and the more likely you are to find good pins and have yours shared.
  • The description: Does the Tailwind Tribe fit what you write about? Don’t join “general blogging” Tailwind Tribes as you are less likely to have someone share your Christian content. If you mainly write on Christian marriage, joining a Christian parenting tribe is not bad but again, it’s not likely that you will have much of your content shared.
  • The Tribe rules: All Tailwind Tribes have rules. Read them carefully. Some require you use only vertical pins. Others require a 1:1 or 2:1 pin ratio (how many pins you have to share for every one that you upload). Still others allow only certain types of content or don’t allow others. Read the rules carefully to ensure that the Tribe is a good fit for you and your blog.
  • The number of members: This is a tricky one. Often Tribes with fewer members have more activity, but this isn’t always the case. Additionally, not every tribe owner “prunes” inactive members, so the total number of members that you see may not be quite accurate. Compare the activity bar to the number of members before deciding if a tribe a right for you.

Request to join the Tribes that seem to be a good fit for you. You can always leave the Tribe later if that doesn’t turn out to be the case.

Great! So now you are in some terrific tribes and ready to pin, pin, pin! Right?

Hold up! Not so fast.



The Right Way to Get Your Pins Shared in Tailwind Tribes

If you find that your pins are not being shared in the Tailwind Tribes that you are in, honestly ask yourself the following questions:

Does the Image Reflect What the Post is About?

Lovely images are great, but does the image have anything to do with what the blog post is about?

If the picture is pretty but the viewer doesn’t know what the pin is about when looking at it, chances are they are not going to share it to their Pinterest board.

The pin’s image gets the viewer’s attention but knowing WHAT it is about is equally as important.

The pin image gets the viewer’s attention but knowing WHAT it is about is equally as important. #pinterest #tailwindtribes Click To Tweet

If someone doesn’t immediately know what your pin is about, they are not likely to click on it to find out for themselves.

Do You Have a Pin Title? Is the Title Easy to Read and Does it Encourage Someone to Click?

The photo you are using may give the viewer an idea about your post, but do you have a great title? Does the title reflect what the post is about?

Write pin titles that are click-worthy. For example, which pin would you most likely click on when viewing pins in Tailwind Tribes?

One that reads:

Five Tips for Bible Study?


Five Practical Tips You Can Use Today To Improve Your Bible Study Habits?

I know which one I would share!

Try to always include at least one relevant keyword in your pin title.

Also, consider the fonts that you choose for your titles. Script fonts are pretty but many are difficult to read, especially on mobile. Be sure that the fonts you choose are clean and easy to read.



IMPORTANT:  Tailwind has recently added a required pin title field when sharing to Tribes. Be sure to include your title when adding pins to Pinterest and to Tailwind. If you don’t and someone wants to share it, they will receive an error message telling them to add one. Many people will not bother to do so and may just skip over your pin.

Is Your Pin Design Clean and Eye-Catching?

As we’ve mentioned already, you should use a great image and have a terrific title that is readable. Both should make it obvious what your blog post is about.

You should also include your website on the pin. First, for branding and second, so that when people see the pin they can associate it with you and your blog’s brand.

If graphic design isn’t your thing (and, Lord knows, it is not mine), Canva has some great templates that you can use and many more are available for free (or low cost) with a simple Google search.

Additionally, you can choose to hire a VA who is talented in pin design. 

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Is Your Pin an Optimal Size for Sharing?

If you are pinning square pins, they are less likely to be shared as Pinterest has confirmed that they favor vertical pins.

Canva’s pin templates are already set at the optimal size for Pinterest. (735 x 1102).  However, a 2:3 ratio will work, even if you aren’t using those exact pixel dimensions.

Since Pinterest gives preference to vertical pins, many people will only share those because they want to please Pinterest and don’t want to lose engagement on their own account.

Since other people are less likely to re-pin square pins, it could adversely affect your engagement on Pinterest, as well. 

Many Tailwind Tribes have rules about the size or ratio of your pins, as well. As mentioned above, be sure to read the rules of each tribe that you join.

The opposite of this in pinning really LONG pins. Pinterest no longer likes these so much because they eat up a lot of space in the feed. Because of this, Pinterest is beginning to cut them off on the board displays and in the feed.



Do You Have a Great Pin Description? Do You Have a Description at All?

If your pin has no description or just a basic one-liner, your pin most likely will not be shared.

Most bloggers are busy and if they have to write a description for your pin, they just won’t bother and will move on to one that does.

Descriptions are incredibly important on Pinterest. Once your pin catches someone’s eye, they will read the description. If it is not engaging and doesn’t include the keywords they may be interested in, they won’t bother to click to your post.

Remember, Pinterest is a search engine! Pinterest needs to know what your pin is about as well!

When adding keywords to your description, be sure that you do it in a natural way and don’t just “keyword stuff”. Pinterest’s algorithms are smart and they can smell spam a mile away. If you over stuff your description with keywords, Pinterest may not show your pin to as many people as they would if your pin description is optimized.

Again, Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media application. So providing a description lets people see if your pin is what they are searching for.

The ALT Text field is NOT where your pin description goes. The ALT text field is meant for visually impaired people to hear what the image is! They do not want to hear a long list of keywords and hashtags! It should describe the image and the text overlay on the image!

So Where Do I Enter a Description?

Many Pinterest-related WordPress plugins include a section for you to enter your pin description. This makes it easy for you (and those who want to pin your content) to share. For several of our blogs, we use Tasty Pins!

Tasty Pins optimizes your pins for SEO and Pinterest by providing a Pinterest Description box when you add an image, by allowing you to disable pinning on images that you don’t want pinned, and by providing spots for hidden pins! It also allows you to force a specific pin when someone clicks your Pinterest share button!

 We highly recommend Tasty Pins as it makes everything so much easier!

Tailwind Tribes - Tasty Links by Wp Tasty 

If you choose not to use a plugin and want to do it manually, you can opt to add code to your pinnable images! If you are not tech savvy and don’t know HTML, we recommend avoiding this method as you may enter the code incorrectly or completely forget to do so as it adds another step to your process.

Your Pinterest description is really important so that people understand what your Pin is all about but also because it tells Pinterest (and Google) what the post is about and boosts your SEO or Google “juice”!



Have You Used Appropriate Hashtags?

Pinterest has been telling us for some time that that people can search by hashtags on their platform. At the end of your description, add at least a few relevant hashtags.

While we go into more depth on hashtags for pins in our post on Using Pinterest for Christian bloggers, pins can include up to twenty hashtags per pin. Pinterest has confirmed that hashtags in pin descriptions are given weighted priority in the platform’s algorithm

Is Your Content Relevant to the Tribe You Are Sharing In?

If you are in a Tribe for Christian Wives, but share pins on home organizing or recipes, not only won’t your pins get shared, but you may be removed from the Tribe.

Be sure to add pins to Tailwind Tribes that make sense for the Tribe and the topic or niche associated with it.

Again, read the rules before joining and refresh your memory, if needed, when sharing pins to Tribes.

Are You Sharing Other People’s Content?

This one is both about following the rules AND being a good community member.

Most Tribes have rules about how many times you need to share others pins versus how many pins you share. It’s often 1:1 or 2:1.

If you aren’t sharing other’s pins, people are less likely to share yours AND, if you aren’t following the rules by sharing you may be removed from the Tribe.

Even on days when I’m not adding new pins to Tailwind, I still share pins from the Tribes that I’m in. Sharing is caring, especially in blogging!

If you aren’t sure how many pins you have added versus how many you have shared, you can see by looking at the tribe list on the left as shown in the image below.

Tailwind tribe stats

The number in grey is the number of pins you have added to the Tribe. The number in green is how many times you have shared pins from that Tribe. Check this often to ensure that you are following the rules.

When you share other’s pins, they are more likely to share yours.

Tailwind Tribes can be an incredibly effective way to get your content shared on Pinterest and, therefore, increase your blog traffic. By following these tips, you will increase your chances of having your pins shared in tribes and your traffic to your blog will see a big impact.

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What’s your best tip for creating pins that people want to share? Tell us in the comments below. And feel free to join OUR Tribe for Christian bloggers, Faithful CEOs! 

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